Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Rei Rei,
on November 29th you turned 4 months old! WOW! I can't believe it you are growing up so fast! You continue to remain mellow and sweet, you grin easily at everyone and have the sweetest little giggle! You can roll both from your back to your belly and your belly to your back, you weighed in at a whopping 15.9 lbs and are 25 and a 1/2 inches long, you are quickly coming out of 3 to 6 months clothes and rapidly approaching 6 to 9, lets just say you are a BIG BOY! You love your sisters, you are especially fond of Averi right now, she loves sitting on the floor talking with you and you "talk" right back!
You have just started bouncing in your "johnny jumper" and you LOVE it! You want to be up where you can see whats going on so the jumper is a great solution. You have slept 12 hours a few nights but more typically go an 8 hour stretch then 3 to 4 more after you eat.
I was talking with friends the other day about loving each additional child you add to your family the same way you do your first and I was explaining the feelings I had about you and your sisters from the moment you were born and laid on my chest. Sweet baby boy it is an incredible feeling, to feel you develop and grow in my belly for 9 months and then to labor for hours to finally hold you is a miracle, it is an amazing God given miracle that God has allowed me to experience 3 times (with your sisters then with you)... when I hold each of you I feel like my heart may explode with the love I feel for you all. I pray you and your sisters always know how much I love you and that I show you that daily in both my words and actions because you are a precious gift! I love you sweet baby boy! Happy 4 months!

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Jeremy and Sarah said...

Rei is so cute! Love the santa suit : ) Forgot to tell you...our boys weigh 13.3 and 13.15...they have some catching up to do to match Reiter!!