Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 months..

My boy turned 7 months on the 29th! He has had some congestion this last month that I think has caused him some sleeping issues at night. He has done better the last couple of nights tho, hopefully he will stay sleeping through the night again! He wants so badly to crawl and is scooting backwards but has not figured out how to propel himself forward yet! He is LOUD, he makes this screeching sound when he is happy/excited that could wake the dead... he is hilarious! He is still extra snugly, majorly attached to his binky, loving his baby food, nursing 5 times a day and the best baby in the world, we adore him! He has really become attatched to me lately and gets upset when I leave the room, even if Kevs holding him, especially when he is sleepy, it makes my heart happy because I know he will not always be that way, so I am currently eating it up!

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