Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well a lot has been going on in our home! As I have said before, I love my job. Working at Vanderbilt has grown me in ways you can't imagine, I love my coworkers, I love what I do! I worked full time (3 days a week) until we had Reiter and we had a very sweet Nanny who helped with the girls! When we welcomed Reiter to the crew I was blessed with the opportunity to go part time, one day a week, and switched units from NICU to the Newborn nursery. In order for me to be home with the kids I have worked every weekend when Kevin is off work. As much as I have loved my job, this has been incredibly difficult. Kevin and I were at a place where we were sick of passing babes back and forth. Kevins job can be very demanding, He works ALOT of hours, often late into the evening, which means our weekends are so precious and me being gone every weekend is not worth the little extra I was making. I started praying months ago that if God wanted me to leave Vanderbilt he would make that painfully clear. Well that is just what He did! First I was asked to do some different childcare at church that offers pay, it has first supplemented some income for us and second allowed me to get to know some wonderful ladies at church. THEN out of no where I was contacted by a lady I used to babysit for asking if I would watch her 2 daughters again part time... the pay is exactly what I made at Vandy... it was one of those moments you feel like God not only opens the door but shoves you through it! The girls play wonderfully with my girls, they are polite and sweet and we enjoy them being here! Kevin and I are thoroughly enjoying more time as a family! We are praising God for the opportunity for me to be home more and thankful that the answer to my prayers was "yes"... I miss my friends at work, they are wonderful ladies but being here every day is where my heart has always been!

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