Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite photo friday- MELT

Today's theme for FFF is MELT...
There are several things that "melt" my heart...

Love melts my heart...falling in Love... being in Love and most of all never ending love... the Love that strives to reflect Christs Love for us...the Love that Loves when you are at your best and at your worse.... the Love that Kevin and I share

Babies melt my heart... I love to cuddle them....I love the way they smell... that helpless infant cry that is so pitiful it makes me want to cry!... I love their tiny fingers and tiny toes!

More specifically OUR baby melts my heart... she has the most contagious laugh and the most contagious grin.... when she crawls to me and reaches those little chubby hands up for me to pick her up I can never resist! It is amazing to me that we have only known her for nine months and yet I feel I have know her a lifetime!

Weddings melt my heart! I could watch our wedding video a hundred times and still not be bored! I love seeing the bride walked down by her Daddy- I love seeing the grooms reaction! I love the dresses, the tears and most of all the excitement you see in their eyes as they embark on this new journey together!

Puppies melt my heart! I love the smell of puppy breath (is that gross?) and how sweet and cuddly they are! Our Yorkie Lance is only four pounds but is four pounds of pure cuddles! He follows me around all day and anxiously waits for me to sit down so he can have a second to sit on my lap!

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