Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so blessed to have inlaws that are always so willing to help out! Because of Kevins mom and sisters sweet generosity in coming up and helping Kev out (he had to work applebees over the weekend) I was able to spend a baby free weekend in Ohio with my friends Sarah and Lindsay V visiting our friend Lindsay R who recently moved there! We had a blast, we went to a movie, ate way too much, shopped the outlets, played with Lindsays adorable boxer puppy Jeter and went to IKEA, which could be my new favorite place! I ofcourse had to pump the entire time but it was still so fun to relax for a weekend!
I was terribly uneasy leaving my babies, specifically Sofie, for a weekend because thus far she has hated taking a bottle, even with breast milk in it! She did GREAT tho, I left just over 50 ounces of pumped breast milk for her and she took it like a champ. Averi did throw up shortly after I left, but so I wouldn't worry I wasnt informed of this until I got home, she was apparently fine the rest of the weekend tho! Thank you so much Auntie K and Nana for giving me a weekend off, I know the girls loved spending it with you guys, they could not have been in better hands!