Thursday, June 10, 2010

weekend in TN... Holly and Andrews wedding

We spent the weekend in TN this weekend for Kevins cousin Hollys wedding. Kevin was an usher and despite the fact my kids did NOT handle the wedding ceremony well at all, although they were really good at the reception, we had a really good time! We always enjoy time with family and are so happy for Andrew and Holly! We pray God blesses their marriage and that they will seek him out in all things that they may love him most and then each other! What a joy to celebrate with them!
While we were in TN we got the day off baby duty on Sunday while Kevs parents kept Averi and Sofie so we could go to Murfreesboro and look at houses! We went to church in the morning and then met with a rental agency to look at some houses.A HUGE praise, we think we found one... we were not able to walk through it because the current renters are still living in it, we did however see pictures of the inside and drove by it. The great thing about this house is that the current renters wont be moving out until july so it should be getting painted and cleaned and be ready for us the last weekend of july when we move. We go back the begining of July to walk through it, possibly sign a lease and are currently praying over it in order to feel complete peace about this being the place God has ordained as our home! Please join us in praying for our family as this big move is coming quickly... that we will find a home in our price range that meets our needs, that we will make quick and lasting friendships and that it will be an easy adjustment for all!

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Annah said...

That looks like it was a beautiful wedding :)