Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18 months

Sofia Pearl is officially 18 months old! I literally can not believe my "baby" is that old!I dont know officially how big she is but I know she is on the petite side, although she thinks she is as big as Averi! She is the funniest little thing and has the cutest almost alienesque voice. She is talking up a storm, loves to snuggle, loves to read books, if we leave her in just a diaper she will take it off so pants are a must with her! She is fearless and climbs everything, touches everything (including bugs that totally terrify Averi) and screams with delight the loudest scream you have ever heard! She is a fit thrower, we are working on it but sadly the fits and "bad attitude" have come in full swing! Averi is her best friend, she follows her everywhere... she is a mommas girl for sure but Daddy is finally winning her over a little bit. She is preparing to be a big sister and talks often of "baby" growing in my belly and always has a baby in hand at home, she rocks them, feeds them and takes them for walks in her little stroller!She loves to be rocked and often says "rock please rock please" and points to her rocking chair before we lay her down, she never falls asleep being rocked and after a couple minutes she points to her crib and says "nap please nap please" it is one of the best part of my days to have her cuddled on me and resting so sweetly, even if only for a few minutes! She is quircky and hysterical, she never stops laughing! We adore everything about her!

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