Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy birthday Averi Noe'l

Averi is officially a three year old! She is such a gift from God, she is the funniest, wildest, sweetest, most compassionate, loving,helpful and beautiful 3 year old I know! She has always been mild tempered... she LOVES her little sister and tries so hard to include her! She is nearly potty trained with the occasional number 2 accident... she loves to have her nails painted, sings about everything, loves "little people", baby dolls, anything that involves going outside, her new best buds are my friend Kims boys Tripp and Ty...she plays so well with them and talks about them often! She knows the fruits of the spirit, she prays for every meal, knows Gen 1:1, several bible stories, her ABCs, she can count to 15, recognizes all shapes and colors, and is learning the day of the weeks! She is a joy. Our greatest prayer is that she will come to know our Lord as her Father at an early age... we know her kind nature and loving spirit could go far in sharing Christs love to the world! She is beautiful, and we are honored to call her our is a little video to honor 3 years with our 1st baby!

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Happy birthday, Averi!