Sunday, May 22, 2011

kevs graduation

WOW...can I just say how GOOD our God is! I have so little faith, I worry I stress I over analyze every little thing instead of taking a deep breath and trusting my heavenly Fathers will! When we discovered we were pregnant with Reiter all I could think of was not wanting to leave my infant and go back to work, it is hard enough to leave our older 2 I couldnt imagine leaving my 6 week old! I began to pray for Gods will, I prayed that my desire to stay hime would come true but I also prayed that if that was not in Gods plan for right now my attitude would be one that glorified God. As I've said a million times I LOVE where I work and if I didnt have two (soon to be three) babies at home it would be perfect!
When we discovered we were pregnant we thought Kevin would not graduate until next december. Then God gave us a massive suprise blessing and Kev was told he could actually graduate this may, WOW! So on friday he graduated from Southern Baptist theological seminary!I could not be prouder of his accomplishment, I could not be more relieved that our seminary journey has ended, as bittersweet as it may be to be done! Plus with the relief of his school payments me staying home after Rei comes started to look more like an option!
As I also said in a previous post Kevs job is expanding! He also recieved a raise that covers my portion of our incomes. Once again, how great is our GOD! Like Ive said I love Vanderbilt, I love the NICU I want to stay PRN(as needed) after Reiter comes just because I like it but what a relief that that is not a necessity! We are humbled and praising God for his soveriegnty and blessings!
Please hold us in your prayers as we are close to the arrival of our son, please hold us in our prayers as we wait on God to see what he has in store for us as far as ministry goes! CONGRATULATIONS Kevin we could not be more proud of you, I love you so much and am honored to call you my husband!

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