Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reiter Micheal...

So we are getting closer and closeh is to the BIG day! And have been faced with some decisions as far as our little mans birth is concerned. We have a couple months to make the choices and still need to talk it all out with our midwife but I would ask for your prayers as we decide what is best!
I was induced with Averi, I was not at all dialated when the induction began and it was a hard and long process! With Sofie we made the choice to go all natural, I went into labor 4 days after her due date and had an ideal delivery with no drug intervention! Our plan is to go all natural again with Reiter. But we live more then 45 minutes away from both Kevins family and our hospital, I fear going into labor and having plenty of time to get to the hospital and having someone get here to care for Averi and Sofie. My dear friend Lindsay is getting married the first weekend of Sept and I am hosting a shower in Ky for lindsay Aug 21st so we desperately need Reiter to come by his due date July 29th so he and I will be able to travel with kevs help) to louisville both those weekends. I like the idea of an induction for the convenience of planning (i am a major planner) but because Averis induction was so long and difficult and we still plan to use no drugs for pain control it scares me to be induced with Reiter! Our hopes are that I will go into labor on my own by his due date, if not however please pray for us as we decide the best route to bringing our son into this world, also that we will trust in God with Reiters birthday and lean on him for our decision!

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