Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing up!

I feel like the last month Sofie has grown by leaps and bounds... She is a potty training champ, having VERY few accidents and really "getting it" in a matter of days. She transitioned out of her crib and into a "big girl bed" like a pro. She is talking up a storm and is absoloutly hysterical! She is becoming a better big sister every day and is trying hard to keep up with her big sister! I couldn't be more proud of this girl!

This little girl will be 4 in april! Dont ask me how that happened! Shs is my helper. She loves to play and read to Rei. She is loving preschool and "ballerina school". She thinks everyone she meets is her best friend although she has started to be a little shy some times, with a little encouragment she is usually fine! She is a sweetie and a MAJOR daddys girl!

And I am not even going to tell you all the fun, crazy things this boy is up to... Ill save it for his 6 month post... COMING THIS WEEKEND!!!!

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