Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 months...ALREADY?

You are a bubbly FIVE MONTHS! I keep asking myself how you got so big so fast! You are a happy little nut and only seem to cry when you are tired! You and your sister have really become best buds this month, she wants to play with you all the time and desires to meet your every need. You will have to forgive her she is still learning to be gentle so she can tend to be a little rough! This month you have started to roll from back to belly, although it is not yet consistant. You are also eating solids, youve mastered rice cereal and you have begun green beans, you arent crazy about green beans but power through we will! You are teething like crazy yet we see no teeth coming through, but you are a drool monster and chewing on everything! I have stopped night time feedings as you had begun to use me as your pacifier vs. really nursing out of hunger, you are not fond of not being fed at night but it has only been a couple nights so I know you will get the hint and eventually quit getting up.... I hope! We LOVE you Sofia Pearl you are beautiful, you are precious and you are a blessing!

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The Murphys said...

I almost bought her that dress at a yardsale yesterday! LOL