Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wacky wednesday weekly photo... WEDDINGS

Todays theme is Weddings, including my own I have been in 5 weddings!
First my sister had a beach ceremony in florida a few months after she got married in order to include family and friends, I was her maid of honor!

The next wedding I was in was by far the best wedding Ive ever been too, I may be partial tho since it was my own!

Next I was a very pregnant (8 months!) bridesmaid in my friend Abbys wedding, my mom had to actually make me a knock off version in maternity of the bridemais dresses! Kevin was also a groomsmen in this wedding!

three months after Averi was born i was in my friend Brookes wedding...

Then last summer, I was pregnant once again, about four months along, i was in my sweet friend Lindsays wedding!

It has been a blessing to be in each of these weddings!

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