Monday, July 26, 2010


After my sister lost Andrew all I could think was how much I wanted to be there with her. It wasn't that I thought she couldn't handle the loss without me, I could tell just by talking to her over the phone that she was relying on God for strength, was surrounded by friends and family who care for her and that her husband James was being the strongest support and back bone he could be for her. I wanted to be there because Im her sister. Because if I were in her shoes she would be here for me. Despite the fact that I am six inches taller I am her baby sister and she has ALWAYS taken care of me, even when it meant sacrificing things she has wanted.
As I've said before we are so different in many ways and so similiar in others, all sisters are. But one thing is certain we are bonded, a bond that is strong, a bond that makes you weep and hurt for each others pains and losses as if they are your own. All of that said I wanted to be there with her, to do whatever I could, whether it was cook or clean or do laundry, watch mindless tv and just sit by her, stay up late making her laugh, or helping her take care of her son Corbin. I just knew I needed to go.
So I did. Kev was beyond supportive, we managed to come up with the money for one plane ticket which meant Sof and I would be flying to Fort Myers while Kev played the roll of Mr mom to Av all week. Several of our friends were kind enough to keep Av while Kevin was at work...we can't say thank you enough to Erica, Holly, Sarah and Lindsay for all their help! I worked all last weekend (36 hours in 3 days on night shift) then slept two hours before Sof and I had to catch our flight.
My sweet friend Sarah got up early and stayed with Averi while we left for the airport. We got to the airport with an hour and a half to spare. Security took FOREVER (I know I would rather them be meticulous then get blown up lol) but I still had twenty five minutes to get to my flight, needless to say I was booking it tho. I got to my gate with fifteen minutes to spare, and my plane was pulling out to leave, who knew planes could leave early, I was ready to cry! They got me a flight that would leave in five hours but was landing in Tampa instead of Fort Myers. I called Kev who offered to come back but we were at the indianappolis airport and I knew he would have to go to work. Bless Sofies little heart, she was SO good, she took a little nap in my arms and laughed and played while we waited it out. She was also GREAT on the plane with little crying, we actually both caught a nap!
We got to Tampa and boy was I glad to see my sisters beautiful face, she really is beautiful. We spent the rest of the week doing just what I set out to do. I helped clean a little, helped with some laundry, cooked yummy soup, watched way to much TV, played and played and played with my handsome nephew and swam. Sofie was a champ depite apparently being allergic to florida and getting a nasty heat rash! It was a good time. I felt better actually seeing my sister and knowing she was ok and I hope having my there provided some comfort!

Here is a great picture Ruthie caught on her phone of Cor and Sof...

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