Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy nine months...

Sofi Pearl you are nine months this month! WOW! You are so happy. You laugh, well more cackle at everyone! We literally cant walk through a store without being stopped several times because people love to chat with you and your smiling face! You are a crawling machine and pulling up and "cruising" while holding things everywhere. Walking is not far in your future I think! You are still a mommas girl and love to be held and cuddled. You love to be rocked to sleep by your daddy and he enjoys those moments! You are pretty consistantly sleeping through the night and are eating all sorts of fun foods! You love to follow your big sister Averi around and pull her hair or steal her toys when you finally reach her, she is trying to be a good big sister but is struggling with the concept of sharing. You are such a blessing "miss P". We love you!

Sofie standing in her bed... this is the face we wake up to every morning, are we lucky or what!

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