Friday, February 1, 2013


Kevins peepaw passed away a few weeks ago. It was a huge loss to us all! His peepaw was at the heart of his family. He was a loving husband to Kevins grandmother, after I believe 66 years they still joked on each other, I always loved watching them with each other! He raised 3 sons. All sons who have shown committment to their wives through sickness, health, good and bad. Who have worked hard to provide for their families, at times working more then one job and who are all still close with each other. The bond of these brothers and the way they stuck together to care for him and Granny in Peepaws last days was, I believe, an example and a tribute to how good of a job both Granny and Peepaw did raising their children! Peepaw loved and built relationships with all his grandchildren. Kevin has so many memories of fishing with peepaw! I believe Kevins passion for the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping have ultimitley stimmed from Peepaws own love of it! Peepaw loved his great granchildren. Even in his late 80s he took the time to hold them, to cuddle them and to joke with them. I firmly believe every memory my children will have of him will be good ones, for this I am so thankful!I am also thankful fischer, who will never have the chance to know peepaw on earth will carry part of his name as Jonathan (his middle name) is after my brother Jonathan and Peepaw "johnny". Peepaw was a joker! He could always make a room laugh! He "picked" in a fun, loving way on everyone and always laughed when you picked back! I think this sttribute will be most missed! We trust that Peepaw is in heaven now. We trust that his pain is no more. We trust that hs is in the presence of our heavenly Father and someday we will see him again! Please continue to hold Kevins family in prayers, peepaws passing is not a sad thing because we have certainty of where he is but it is difficult to go without him, I'm sure most of all for Kevins dear granny!

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