Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I wanna take a pause and talk about my sweet big boy, Reiter. We are busy ALL THE TIME! and With 4 young kiddos we literally NEVER stop moving, going, picking up, dropping off, playing, cooking cleaning and somewhere in there sleeping. But I really wish I could freeze where my boy is right now. He is in this neat spot where he is no longer a toddler but not yet a big boy. He loves trucks and cars and trains. And instead of just pushing them around making sound effects I now hear him say things like "all aboard", "get on", "I take you there... hoooollllddd on". He has an amazing imagination and I really love watching him use it. He really enjoys playing house with his sisters and is always the daddy (imagine that), when in his role he uses this VERY deep voice and bosses everyone around. IT IS HILARIOUS! He is very very shy in new situations but he is usually quick to warm up. He is obsessed with his blankie and it accompanies us everywhere! He is a mommas boy and loves too cuddle and usually ends up in our bed at night. But He adores "working" with Kevin, he helps mow the yard with his own mower, he gathers up sticks for the fire, He loves to ride in Kevs truck with him. He also is potty training and is ROCKING IT OUT! We have attempted twice before with no success. But this time he is doing awesome. He has had some accidents but over all he is really trying to get to the potty and upset when he doesnt make it. I am so proud of him and can not believe my little baby is about to be 3!!!!

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