Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A sweet moment

37 and a half weeks!
37 and a half weeks!
Last night (like Kevin does so many nights) Kevin was chatting it up with my belly! He loves to feel her move and kick and I enjoy sharing those moments when she is most active with him! Last night he began singing to her... "Averi Averi Crocket" (this is his remix to "davie davie crocket... written specifically for our baby girl!) SHE LOVED IT!

She kicked and squirmed at the sound of his voice and Kevin was eating it up! As I watched him and felt her I thought how amazing it is to have such a loving husband and to soon have a precious baby girl here to love on. They already have a bond and yet have not met... I know she will be a daddy's girl, and just as Kevin eats up every little move she makes for him he is going to eat up everything she does when she gets here... 37 and a half weeks and counting!

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