Saturday, May 3, 2008

Averi meeting her aunt Ruthie who came all the way from Florida & stayed a week helping- thanks aunt ruthie!
Aunt Lindsay and Lancey... he is in desperate need of some snuggles!
Averi meeting Lil... our ninety six year old friend!
Averi and Missy!
Averi getting some Aunt Ruthie lovings!
Averi and Sarah... sarah came over and let Lance in and out... thank you Sarah!

Averi with uncle Jon and his girlfriend Lauren
Averi and Nana and papa yates who helped especially with cleaning, laundry and finishing up the nursery while they were here.... thank you Nana and Papa
Averi and meemom Buchwald.... my mom was there for almost every minute of labor and delivery... thank you Meemom

Abby and Aaron Wilson.... abby came to the hpspital several times... thank you both for all your sweet support!
Averi and Aunt lindsay!
Aunt Lindsay and Brooke waiting for Averi's arrival!
Lindsay and my nurse Kameron after I gave birth... I was a little nauseated!
Averi and brooke- who ran errands for us and was at the hospital waiting for her arrival and visiting after she was born... thank you brooke!

Averi and Lindsay rocking!

Throughout labor,delivery and even adjusting to being at home we had several good friends at the hospital (brooke, sarah, Lindsay, Abby)... they were there to show there support and run errands for us! We want to say thank you to them, our families and all those who brought us food ... you all made the transition to parenthood so much smoother then it may have been!
We want to say a special thanks to Lindsay who stayed in the delivery room when my sister couldn't make it here from Florida in time! I know that it had to be scary for her as neither of us had ever had children, but she was a trooper... constantly encouraging me to push and cheering as Averi came into the world... she was ready with the camera and helped us capture every precious moment of her arrival (after she was on the outside ofcourse!)! She spent the next few days at the hospital as much as she could be and has been a constant support over the phone as she is back at college finishing up finals! She came in this weekend and helped out by doing dishes and changing diapers... THANK YOU AUNT LINDSAY we love and appreciate you SO much!

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