Thursday, May 22, 2008


Averi sleeps so well and so soundly (usually) after she is asleep... getting her to sleep however can be quite the task! Kev and I have been working on helping Averi learn to go to sleep on her own... So without needing to eat or being rocked. Kevin has spent the last couple nights battling Averi's screaming and putting her passy back in her mouth because I can not handle her crying... although I know it a necessary evil! She did better last night then she did the night before which was encouraging. Today however I laid her down in her pac n play to take her nap, after only about two minutes of crying and battling she was OUT! Praise the Lord!

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The Rings said...

Oh, I remember after having Will home for a week Blake and I decided it was time to give up rocking him to sleep... It took a few nights(maybe a few more). It was SO HARD! But once he got it, he got it! So stick it out... It gets better!