Thursday, May 22, 2008

Averi's nursery!

Her armoire from PopPop
Area rug with Lancey posing!
crib and name!
A sweet pic Kev got me... it's a girl with auburn pom pom and says "in training"!

The cradle, in our room... Kevin was rocking her to sleep!
Pictures over glider
changing table

Averi's nursery was one of the funnest things to work on while I was pregnant! I have to admit though I really didn't do much work, I more came up with an idea and had Kevin, his parents and mine executed it!

Her room really was a labor of love! I painted the letters over her bed which I got from Michael's. Averi's Nana and Papa Yates (as well as daddy) painted her walls pink. A family friend gave us her crib and changing table which Pop Pop Buchwald painted black. Nana and Papa Yates bought us the lovely glider chair. Pop Pop Buchwald and Daddy built the armoire which Nana and Papa Yates painted for us! And finally Meemom Buchwald made sheets, a crib skirt, curtains and a pillow for her room as well as buying us the adorable area rug! Thank God for grandparents!

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