Sunday, August 15, 2010

"mommy I want Emma Jane..."

Averi and Jane just before we moved...

We were so blessed to live the last six months in louisville right next to one of my dearest friends...she too stays home with her kids and her kids are right around the ages of mine. Her second little girl is just a month older then Averi! Needless to say Averi and Jane quickly became best buds, as well as Ashleys older little girl Emma!
They saw each other almost on a daily basis and the days that they didnt see one another were filled with "mommy I want Emma Jane" to which I could always respond... "tomorrow baby we will see them tomorrow". I cant respond that any more despite that the question is still there! I keep explaining that we live in TN now and that even though we can't see Emma and Jane everyday we can know that they miss Averi as much as she misses them and that we can pray and ask God to give us new friends and look forward to visiting Emma and Jane soon. I think all Averi hears is that we aren't seeing her best friends today tho, and that makes us both sad!
We really are enjoying getting to know new friends in TN and look forward to really plugging into a church!We are loving seeing family more and spending more time as a family! God has reassured us over and over that this is where we are supposed to be and with that reassurance comes excitement as we watch his hand unfold our future!

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