Sunday, August 22, 2010


Miss P... you are ten months this month. I can not believe it! You are growing to fast, I just want to slow you down and cuddle you like a baby a little longer! You are a wild women these days. You have begun to stand a little without holding onto anything but have not quite ventured into stepping. You are a climber, you like to crawl under my end tables and sit on the shelf beneath them and you climb up your sisters toddler chair and follow her onto her bed to play. I think you forget you are just a baby, I always catch you but I have to keep an eye on you always, you are fast and sneaky!
You have been going through a little seperation anxiety and havent liked nursery much as of late. You start getting a death grip on my arm from the time we walk into church until the time I pry you off in order to drop you off, screaming! So far you have seemed to calm down after I leave but the nursery workers have had to hold you the whole time in order to kkeep you calm, thank goodness these women are so patient and kind with you! And thank goodness you are so irresistably cute they cant help but want to hold you, I know I cant!
You and your sister seem to become better friends every month. As you grow she finds you a better play mate. Every where she goes she says "Hey sof Come on" and you are always quick to follow! Tonight in the car she was making you laugh, which in turn would make her laugh, and then she said "Sofie I love you"... talk about melt your mommas heart! My prayer is that the two of you will be best of friends and that you will always have one anothers back! You are so precious Sofia Pearl!

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