Monday, August 30, 2010

weigh in...

I weighed in friday morning before I headed to louisville for a fun filled birthday weekend! I was 197.2... down 1.8 from the week before making my total weigh loss so far, 58.8lbs! I am so close to my goal I can taste it, or maybe that is the weight watchers ice cream I just ate!
Kevin and I have been hitting the gym hard. I love it! I have started weight lifting along with cardio, I have no desire to be a muscle women but man talk about knocking off some inches, and FAST, it is amazing! I also attended my first Zumba class today... wow I really can not dance but man I felt like I could in that class, it was so much fun, I cant wait to try it again!
It is often hard for me to make the time for things like the gym. I struggle with the idea that I should be using that time to do something for the kids, or for Kevin... but in reality making efforts to make myself more healthy is taking care of them. It sets a healthy confidant example for my girls, it helps me to be more confidant in myself which ofcourse Kev loves, and it helps me to be more relaxed and will hopefully help me be around for a long time to watch my sweet girls grow up!


mary said...

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Adam Holly Grace said...

That is awesome Rach! You are doing a great job and look so good! Miss you and glad you had a great B'day!