Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy eleven months miss P...

Sofie Pearl,
You are ELEVEN months... and a wild women! This last month you have begun walking and are trying to walk everywhere... you are everywhere. You have the best personality, you laugh hard, you smile often and you cuddle the best! You also have a temper like I have never seen... if we tell you no or take something away from you you throw your whole body to the floor and scream, it is so awful it can sometimes be funny... we are trying hard to train you in the ways of the Lord and teach you obedience and self control, but for now you roll your own way without listening to anyone else! I hope this means you are head strong enough to avoid peer pressure as you grow up!
You are a precious gift from God. You love to waive at everyone, when we walk the mall you sit up in your stoller and waive and laugh making everyone feel special, you are kind and entertaining. You follow your big sis everywhere, which she LOVES. You are still my sweet baby no matter how old you get.You have so many endearing nicknames, Sofie,Sof, Miss P, Sofie mcfat fat, Pearl and Sof Migoff... We love ya Miss P!

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