Monday, January 17, 2011


This baby brings us so much joy, but she is quickly leaving the baby stage behind and heading full force into toddler hood. We went to her pediatrician for a check up and she was barely 20lbs and only in the 20th percentile for both height and weight (funny since we used to call her sofie mcfat fat when she was nearly 16lb 3 month old!) she is a petite bundle of energy who thinks she is as old as her big sister! She sings, dances, plays baby dolls, cooks in their play kitchen, likes to sit at the toddler table with Averi vs her highchair, waves says momma, daddy, nana, papa,sissy, I love you, bye bye, "cheese", yes maam, please, thank you and about ten million more words Ive seems like she is saying something new every day! She is a Mommas girl to the T and I am savoring it. She gives you the best deepest hugs that include a head on your shoulder and a pat on your back -they are so sweet you never want to put her down. She will still let me rock her to sleep if she is particularly tired and is all about the baby einstein DVDs for 18 month olds, especially animal ones...she can tell you where her nose and eyes are and follow simple commands. She smiles easily and melts down with the same ease,she is a bit high maitnance but her smile makes up for it! We love her, she is a joy.

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