Saturday, June 18, 2011

33 weeks..

Here we are @ 33 weeks! Counting down the last few weeks until Mr reiter makes his appearance and looking forward to meeting him! I talked to my midwife at our last check up about having an induction late July if he doesnt choose to come on his own. There are a lot of reasons (listed in a prvious post) we want him to come in july but we just added one more! I am beyond thrilled that I was able to find a one day a week position at work. It is not in the NICU which makes me VERY sad but it is in Newborn Nursery which is our sister unit so I have worked in there a ton as well and am very familiar with both staff and the job requirments! I have to make the switch tho before I leave for my maternity leave so I will switch the begining of July. Because this is a part time position I will no longer recieve benefits through Vanderbilt, which is also not a big deal except we would like to have Reiter on my current insurance because I get a pretty great discount. My benefits will drop August 1st so we desperately need him to come in July! My midwife was not thrilled with the induction idea, and I agree with all her reasons 100% except that I REALLY want him to come in July! the plan as of now is to take it week by week, she has given me a lot of tips to try to get him to come on his own which I will start once we hit 36 weeks and then there are some things she is willing to try (such as membrane stripping)after 37 weeks, if we get to the last week of july and he still hasnt come then she will atleast discuss the induction with us...discuss...she was very non committal! For now we are praying and praying and praying he comes in July, God has been so good to us, he has answered every desire of our heart and need throughout this pregnancy I refuse to doubt he wont take care of Reiters birthday,even if that means he doesnt come until August!

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