Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fifths Disease...

So last weekend Averi had super red spots on her cheeks, just below her eyes... we had been outside almost non stop tho so I just figured despite the sunscreen maybe it was her first sunburn!Well by monday we realized whatever was on her face was much more then a sunburn so off to the doctor we went!
We learned she has fifths disease which is apparently a VERY common childhood disease and majorely contagous! It starts with achiness and a mild fever which is when it is most contagous but most people dont realize their child even has it because it is typically so mild, then a really red rash develops (typically called slap cheek because their face gets so red, at this point it is no longer contagous! But because it is such a severe rash and spreads all over their bodies you are supposed to avoid the sun!
So we have been on lock down for nearly a week waiting to see if Sofie is going to develop the enfamous rash and since she hasnt we havent been around ANYONE in fear of passing this on to them since she could be contagous and we just may not know it!And we have been locked inside trying to allow poor Averis skin to heal and avoiding the sun! Needless to say we have played and played and played and read SO many books and done puzzles and play dough... as badly as I want to be outside with my babes I can't say inside has been all bad, they are funny and I enjoy playing with them!
Our biggest fear was could I catch fifths disease and how would that impact Reiter. All our pediatrician knew was that it could be really bad for unborn babies (thanks doc!) but he couldnt tell me anything else! Luckily I had an appointment with my midwife after Averi's doctors apppointment. She explained that before 14 weeks of pregnancy it could be really bad for the baby (even Fatal!) but after that it doesnt typically affect the baby and the very worse that could happen to Rei at this point is anemia, so we are just watching him a little closer the chances of anemia are less then 1% so we are probably fine!