Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy one month Reiter

I cant believe you have been here a whole month little man! I feel like I was just begging you to COME OUT and here you have been out and in our arms for a whole month! It seems that with each baby the days go faster and faster so I am trying hard to enjoy your sweet newborn stage, holding, rocking and cuddling you and focusing less on wanting you to grow up a little so we can sleep more!
You are the most content baby,you eat every 3 hours throughout the day, you sleep from about 930-10 until 8am and usually get up twice in that stretch to nurse, you are pretty good about going right back to sleep after you are fed though so it isn't too bad and to be honest I enjoy having you all to myself during those night time feeds. You love your paci and have it in your mouth almost all the time! You have begun to wake up more and more and we are enjoying chatting with you as you have started to coo at us. We are still awaiting a "real" smile from you, you have given us several content grins in your sleep which is just precious!
Your sisters adore you and constantly want to touch and hold you. Sofie especially likes to give you back your paci. Averi runs into our room every morning and finds you immediately and greets you with a loud "GOOD MORNING BABY REITER" she loves when you are awake! Your dad and you have spent a lot of time dozing off in the rocking chair together the few rough nights you have had when you haven't wanted to go back to sleep, your daddy is crazy about you and so excited to take you fishing and hunting as you get older! You are the perfect addition to our family and we already can not envision life without you in it! We love ya REI MAN!

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