Friday, August 5, 2011

happy one week little man...

I can not believe Rei has been here a week! So far He has been the sweetest little guy, he is still in the sleepy cuddly newborn stage and I am eating it up! When he is awake he is so chilled out and just looks around and only seems to cry when he is hungry! He loves his paci which makes me so happy because neither of the girls were paci takers! He lost 12% of his weight (they dont like babies to lose more then 10%) and battled a little jaundice but between his check up tuesday and wednesday he gained 4 oz and his bili level had gone down so the pediatrician felt he was in the clear and he doesnt have to go back to the doctor until his 2 week visit!
Averi and Sofie are doing pretty well. Averi is more hyper then normal but I think that is just her way of getting our attention, she asks all the time if she can hold "baby Reiter" and is gentle and kind to him. Sofie is also doing pretty well she has had some serious melt downs but we knew since she is so attatched to me the adjustment may be a bit difficult for her, she is also very interested in her brother and learning to be gentle with him! Kevins mom has been here helping this week which has been AWESOME I don't think the transition would be going so smooth without her extra hands! This first week has been a joy, we are so blessed.

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