Wednesday, April 22, 2015

happy 7th birthday my love

Averi noe'l This week you turned 7. I really don't know how that happened. 7 seems like a big big kid. 7 seems very grown up,and in my momma heart there will always be a part of me that thinks of you as my baby! From the day you were born and I held you and kissed you and fell in love with every little feature on your face I prayed for Jesus to steAL your heart. I see the holy spirit stirring questions in you and some times I feel inadequate to newer them, but God is gracious and gives me the response you need. I pray you lays seek answers to your questions, and that you are always able to trust us to help you! I pray you come to know jesus, and that he uses you in bigger ways then we can imagine! This year you have lost 4 teeth! I loved your toothless grin when you first lost the top 2! You have thrived in 1st grade. You love to read and finished your first chapter book on your own! You love math and received the math award for your class this semester! you also adore puzzles, you can do a 100 piece puzzle in less then an hour on your own. You love to have your own notebooks and pens or markers or pencils. You write us letters and notes all the time that say things like "I love you because your my mom" or "you're a great dad because your my dad"...they are always so sweet and make us feel very special! You have just entered the tablet world and I'm sure if dad and I didn't closely monitor it you would play on it for several hours, most school days you don't get a chance to play it tho and your time is very limited on the weekend. you look so grown up when you are playing on it! We took a girls weekend to Atlanta and you were able to pick out your 1st American girl, you have never been a huge baby doll player like your sister, but this Julie doll has become your faborite! You take her everywhere and are always dressing it! Our trip to American girl was such a fun and special mother-daughters time and I'm so thankful we were given that opportunity! You love your friends, especially our neighbors Chloe and Laila as well as your school friends you love to talk about! I love coming to lunch with you or help in your classroom and seeing you interact with them! Your best friend is your sister. You hardly fight but are instead best friends. You play together well and giggle almost nightly until you fall asleep. Sofia loves to sleep in your bed with yoy, and even when I can tell you want some space you let her and that blesses my heart! We miss you while you are at school but are so very proud of how well you have done there! You are playing soccer again and sister you are rocking it this season. You have finally gotten a streak of aggressiveNess and seeing you hustle thrills me! You seem so confident on the field, such a change from the 4 year old we had to bribe to kick the ball! you are also in gymnastics and I'm so proud of how hard you work there. You and Sofia have lots of friends in your class and I love watching you talk and enjoy them while you pracTice! my favorite thing we have done this year is American Heritage Girls! Its a Christian centered scout troop and I have had the joy of being one of your leaders! We have had 2 lock ins and several events where we have been able to serve together and that has been a such a privilege! Averi I wish I could lock you in at 7. I love everything about you right now. But I say that every year, and I don't want to miss the amazing things I know God has in store for you sweet girl! Know you are unconditionally loved baby girl. You are so precious. It is a true honor to call you daughter and I feel blessed every time you call me momma! Here's to 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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