Monday, August 11, 2008


SO as I promised I am updating you on the dieting... Kev and I have been doing the low carb diet for one week now and the weight loss is going great, as of today I have lost nine pounds...nine pounds I AM THRILLED! The diet STINKS tho...I seriously doubt I will ever crave meat, eggs or cheese ever again. We stuck to our diet whole heatedly all week and decided Sundays would be our day off, (ask anyone whose done low carb, you have to have a day off or you will vomit at the idea of eating more eggs)... I was so proud of us yesterday though, we did not pig out we ate reasonable amounts we just were not so hard on ourselves for eating carbs!
So as far as week one has gone, it has been great, both our pants and shirts are getting loser and after our day off yesterday we are ready for another week!

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Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I'm lacking on motivation and I stink at planning meals, so planning low carb meals is near impossible. Plus I hate dieting! I need some motivation to get up and exercise instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours every night :). I think I need to start over with my weight loss journey-it's gotten nowhere but a few extra pounds on top of what I had already gained!