Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weight loss!

So the diet has been CRAZY... I decided to come off the low carb diet...I was tired of being sick and exhausted all of the time! I have been using a web site called live strong (also known as the daily plate) that tells you how many calories you should eat in order to lose a particular amount of weight based on your height and current weight...I am thrilled to say that over all (since starting the low carb diet and all that) I have lost thirteen pounds...YEA! I do not know how much Kevin has lost, but I can certainly tell his belly is going away...let me just say ladies I have one good looking husband!

This is one of our engagement pics...I am determined to get back in these Capri's!
This picture is in Florida...just before I started the diet!

This is a picture at Brooke's wedding this past weekend... I am NO where near where I want to be, and you may not be able to tell a difference... but I am pleased!

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