Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dear to my heart

I am writing this post without naming names although I know many of you who follow our blog already know who it is I am talking about, I do not however want to embarrass the friend I am talking about but I do want to ask you to pray!
On Sunday some one VERY dear to my hearts husband told her he wants a divorce. My friend said she knew it was long and coming and that for the time they have been married they have done A LOT of fighting! I know my friend is a christian and her husband says he is, after much talking they are going to try to work it out... but there is A LOT to work out. So join with Kevin and I and pray that God will break through their pride, put a desire in their hearts to be married to one another, break down their hearts and remind them why they fell in love in the first place, remind them of the vows they have made and teach the husband the Godly leadership skills he needs in order to lead his family as well as the wife the skills she needs to learn in order to be a supportive and submissive wife! PLEASE pray with God all things are possible, He can heal the broken hearted and renew a broken marriage!

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