Sunday, November 30, 2008


Kev, Av and I headed to TN for Thanksgiving this year! We left Monday night and didn't head home until this (Sunday) afternoon! It was so nice to visit with our sweet family and friends and OFCOURSE eat A LOT of food!
I was reminded of how much I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Kevin and I are extremely thankful for his parents, they are a constant love and support to us. What a joy it is to watch them play with our sweet daughter and her grin at them. Averi had a hard time sleeping this week, I guess because it was a new environment, and Kevin's mom was more then willing to help us in the wee hours (she took her at four in the morning after a long night) in order to allow us to get some much needed rest! They adore their sweet grand daughter and she as well as Kevin and I are so blessed to have them...we would be lost without Nana and Papa Yates!
I have also recognized, once again, how blessed I am to have Kevin as my husband! I often forget what a gift I have been given to have a husband who desires to serve the Lord in how he leads our family. Kevin and I have so much fun together, and that too is a gift... there is no one in the world who can make me laugh as he does... he often has me laughing to the point of tears! I LOVE cuddling and Kevin knows this and I often recognize his effort to give me extra hugs, kisses and back rubs in order to make me feel special... I am thankful for the Husband God has chosen for me!
I am also thankful for Godly women Christ has placed in my life! I have learned so much from watching women such as Ashley Barrett, Lydia Ring, Beth Blackwell, Erica Roberts, Robin Few and MANY MANY MORE... I have learned many practical things from these women but have also received support and advice as I learn how to be a better mother and wife! I appreciate these women's friendships and admire their capabilities! I thank the Lord for allowing me the privilege to know them!
I am also thankful for the privilege of being Averi's mommy! Nothing thrills my heart more then the way she smiles and wiggles with excitement when I walk into the room! I find so much joy in being her mommy despite the exhaustion it can sometimes cause! Oh sweet Av we thank the Lord for giving us you!
I am most thankful for my heavenly father and his love for me! I am SO unworthy and yet he loves me! I am so often whiny and ungrateful and yet he is steadfast in his patience for me! I so often take for granted the personal relationship i have with God when I should be shouting from the roof top that my God is an awesome God!

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hello jessi! said...

What a beautiful post! I'm glad Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Averi looks really cute with her earrings!