Friday, April 3, 2009

BABY YATES #2 update!

Tomorrow we will be TWELVE weeks pregnant with baby number two, this pregnancy has flown by compared to my pregnancy with Averi! I have struggled with severely worrying about having a miscarriage throughout this first trimester, more so then I ever did with Averi, and despite being told and telling myself to trust God with this life growing within me I continued to worry! Much to my relief my midwife found a strong, healthy heartbeat today... needless to say all of my anxiety and worry came to a head and I balled upon hearing that sweet sound!After more sickness and nausea then I thought I could bear I am finally feeling better and looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy!
PRAISE the LORD for a healthy pregnancy... join us in continuing to pray for this life within me that it will grow and strive til its birthday and also join us in praying for those who have lost babies or suffered with infertility- I pray this is a pain I never experience but I also pray it is a pain I can be sensitive and supportive to.

Twelve weeks pregnant with number two... we can not wait to meet you sweet baby!

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Adam Holly Grace said...

Praying for you! My heart breaks too over people that struggle with infertility, miscarriages, etc. I never took for granted the blessing God had given me when He gave me Grace!