Friday, April 10, 2009

one sick baby!

we woke up this morning to quite the surprise... averi was running a fever of 102.6 and had vomited all over her bed and herself during the night... she was a mess... poor baby! After calling her pediatrician he said to bring her in, of course they said it is just a bug and to let it run its course. Told me to watch for signs of dehydration, give her Tylenol and try to get her to DRINK!!!! She has done nothing but sleep all cozy on my chest all day and when she has been awake i have been battling her to drink something- needless to say she is less then interested! I did manage to get one full sippy cup down her the last few hours before bed and several ice cubes... she threw up again this evening but it was only a small amount, nothing like what I found this morning! I am about to head to work so Kevin is on major dad duties tonight- I'm praying she sleeps soundly and feels better in the morning- nothing breaks my heart more then knowing she is sick, especially when I can't be here to hold her!


hello jessi! said...

Oh, poor thing. Feel better soon, Averi!

Kylie Turner said...

Awwweee !!! Poor Averi! I know how you feel Rachel having to work and "mommy" not being there. It is definitely a helpless feeling. If its a virus and you can only treat the symptoms, make sure you give her tylenol and motrin around the clock (every 3 hrs alternating between tylenol and motrin)so that her fever never has a chance to rise. Once her fever stays down, she will feel like eating and drinking more. Also I noticed you said she was 11 months old, so go ahead and use "childrens" 1 tsp tylenol/motrin and not the infant. Her size is too big for the infant meds to work that well. I am sure your MD told you all this but we have seen so many babies recently who their parents still are giving them the baby stuff when they should be using childrens.
I hope little Averi gets back to her sweet self in no time. Its so hard to think she is such a big girl... I remember you in the nursing room at church the first sunday after she was born


Brooke and Brian said...

poor girl :( Hope she feels better soon