Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to work

our family!
I went back to work tuesday before last, and started working my regular shifts this week... two doubles a week monday and wednesdays... I go in at 2 in the afternoon and dont get off until 6 the next morning! My new job was truly a God send as they allow me to set my own schedule and work as many or as little hours as I choose but it has been challenging working all night and then coming home and being a mommy all day!

Kevin has done great staying at night with Averi, and we were blessed to havea friend who lives right around the corner to watch her from 1:30 in the afternoon until he gets off at about five. Please pray for me as I work in a nursing home and struggle with getting attatched to my residents, please pray that God will give me patience and compassion for the people
I serve at work, a good attitude towards work, an easy adjustment to little sleep for both Kevin and I and an easy adjustment for Averi as she isn't used to being away from me!

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