Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Averi sleeping in her crib for nap time

Kevin and i have worked VERY hard at helping averi learn to sleep through the night. We loosley followed the guidelines in the book "baby wise" which claimed we would have our baby sleeping through the night between seven and nine weeks. Last night at eight weeks and two days Averi went to bed with no tears and slept through the night and all day today she has gone down for nap time without fussing.
Since she slept through the night we have decided to let her have nap time in her crib in her own room so that she becomes more used to it... hopefully she will keep up sleeping through the night and in the next month she can move to her own room! She is doing great and growing up so fast... part of me is happy she is growing up and part of me wants her to stay little forever!

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