Sunday, June 15, 2008


As today is fathers day I wanted to take a second and tell Kevin how much Averi and I love and appreciate him. It has been so amazing to watch Kevin mold into a great daddy... Kevin was excited during our pregnancy but I think the quote "women become mothers when they discover they are pregnant and men become fathers when they hold their babies for the first time" held true. The look on his face through out our pregnancy was mostly one of stress... as much as we prayed we were both anxious over finances, my health, Averi's health and just the huge event of parenthood that was quickly approaching... the look on Kevin's face during my labor and delivery was one of pity for my pain as he held my hand, rubbed my back, prayed and read the bible with me, it was also one of excitement as we both began to realize that in a matter of hours we would finally meet our baby girl!
Finally the look on Kevin's face (which is the same look I am privileged to see every day) when he held Averi for the first time was one of pure love for her and humility to our amazing creator for giving us such a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Kevin has quickly learned the little things like diaper changing and rocking, but he has also quickly learned the big things like patience, appreciation, devotion, and love!
Kevin you are an amazing husband and father and neither Averi or I could ask for better! Thank you for your hard work to provide for our family and your love, support and sense of humor... I am privileged to be the mother of your daughter and can not wait to watch you with her as she grows! WE LOVE YOU!


hello jessi! said...

What a sweet post! I hope you all had a lovely father's day weekend!

Cherie <> said...

Hi, I am a friend of Kevin's. I went to Ninth and O with him a couple years ago when I went to Boyce for a year. You have a great man as your husband and little Averi's daddy. I knew one day he would make some woman very happy and I knew he would be a great dad. Congrats on being that lucky wife and mother! I am so happy he found someone with a heart as big as his :).

The Yates' said...

Thank you... i am SO blessed to have him and happy that no one snatched him up before me!