Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Averi turned two months on monday! We can not believe she has been here two months already! We thank God daily for the opportunites to be her parents! A few things Averi has accomplished this month are: Occasionally grinning, staying very alert for long periods of time,holding her own head up, holding her head up during tummy time! Also during her second month of life mommy went back to work so daddy has started to keep her two nights a week by himself which he has done a very good job with! Averi also got her vaccines which she handled like a pro ( a little crying but as soon as I picked her up she settled down) mommy on the other hand was a WRECK... I was more upset then her! Thank God for our healthy little girl... mommy and daddy love you!

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Anonymous said...

She is too cute in that picture! She definitely looks like Kevin.

When I said I'd babysit/study Averi, I forgot to mention that if you ever need someone on short notice during the summer, I'm totally available any time of the day. Right now I have one class from 8-9:30 M-F and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever. And so, I offer free babysitting whenever you need it. Or even if you just want some Kevin and Rachel time to go out baby-free. If you're anything like my parents, you like going on dates without children. LOL