Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back in the swingof things!

On our honeymoon, my goal weight!
this was a few weeks ago... I know it is hard to tell but I can tell that Ive lost some!

Mommy in june

Well I was doing great as of my last post about dieting, but then I kindve got out of the swing of things... I had lost seventeen pounds...gained five back and as of about two wks ago (the last time I weighed myself) lost four more! so now I have lost a total of sixteen pounds.... not really where I want to be!
Well, God used a bible study I have been doing at church to convict me a little. In our small group we were talking about being attractive for your husband and I realized that it is not fair for Kevin to come home everyday to me in sweats with a pony tail and spit up on my shirt! If I make the effort to look nice when we go to church or when I go out to see my friends then why would I not make that effort for him?
To clarify I am married to one of the sweetest men in the world and he would never in a million years tell me I was anything less then gorgeous. But I want to look nice for him, to make him feel special. My excuse for not dressing up is that my clothes don't fit...well that excuse is out the window because I am going to get back to a size where atleast a decent amount of my clothing fits! Not that Kevin will come home to me dressed up with pearls on everyday... but for him and FOR ME I want to feel and look nice!
So I am back in the swing of things... I have walked/jogged the last three days in a row and plan to keep it up... losing weight is a slow process, and I often look at other new moms or my firends who have not had children with envy because they look so good... but I am learning, this is where I am at right now, but I am young and I can work hard to change that!


woodie said...

I hear you friend !!! I loved your post and agree totally. And its even slower with the 2nd baby but the Lord has equipped us with everything we need even the determination and strength to lose weight and look pretty for our husbands. I too have often used the excuse of a hectic day and misfitting clothes to get out of looking "nice". May we be spurred on to glorify the Lord in everything...even our weight !

Kylie Turner said...

actually the above comment was by Me, Kylie, not Woodie. I don't know why it showed his name...WEIRD !!!

Kevin and Chrissy Knight said...

I completely agree with you Rachel! I have so many friends who had babies and would never of been able to tell! Me on the other hand, 30 pounds heavier then I would like to be has to work at it. But no worries, God will help us through it and I know we can get back down to pre-baby weight! :)


Kevin and Chrissy Knight said...

We just made it a couple weeks ago :) I'm liking it so far, I just can't figure out the layout part! lol I really need to start posting more that way they're not a full page every time! haha

The Marshmans said...

If you ever need a work out buddy, count me in! I could use the accountability! And I too understand the struggle!