Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh baby a new template!

I guess you could say I get bored easily... I felt it time for a new template...what do you think? I LOVE it... Kev is currently at applebees though so he may think it to girly and it may be changed again tomorrow!

Life has been full of surprises lately! In addition to my sister, three of my close friends have found out they too are expecting, pregnancy always seems to come in groups doesn't it? For my sister and one friend this is not their first child so I ask that you join us in praying for an easy adjustment for these families as they grow, I ask for easy pregnancies so these mama's can focus on the children they have already been blessed with, being pregnant was hard enough without any other children I can not imagine keeping up with Av while being pregnant (although I can not wait to add on to our family some day!). As for my other two pregnant friends this is baby number one... join us in praying the Lord gives them healthy pregnancies that are easy on them, that their husbands will be supportive and understanding, that their concerns and worries will be minimal and that they will be as prepared as possible for when these blessings arrive!

What a gift it is to be a mother, but what a huge challenge it can be as well, pregnancy alone can be a challenge! Praise the Lord for these children growing in their wombs, for these tiny lives... and for these mothers who are eagerly awaiting their arrival!

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