Sunday, October 19, 2008

First over night trip without Av

after over a year of marriage we still love to hold hands!

saying goodbye to averi

Enjoying bardstown and our time together

our bed and breakfast

Since we had a two month old on our one year anniversary we just went to dinner... so since Av is about to turn SIX MONTHS we decided it was time for mommy to let go (just a little bit) and allow her to spend the night away so Kevin and I could have a weekend together! After deciding this Kevin jumped on making plans (i probably could have put of the plans until averi turned twenty one lol)... he reserved us a gorgeous room at a bed and breakfast in bardstown for Saturday night and we made plans for Averi to stay with my best friend Lindsay and her sweet family!
It was SUCH a fun weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets and going through the shops of this little town... eating great food (yeah sticking to the diet was a little challenging), and just enjoying one another. We were ready to pick up our sweet girl the next day even though we were sure she was well taken care of (even a little spoiled)... we missed her sweet Av lovings!

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