Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun in the fall!

Kevin had to work at applebees tonight so we headed up to my moms house to snap some pictures of Averi, Corbin and my god daughter alayna playing in my parents big yard!

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Amy said...

Thanks so much for writing on my blog! I know that David is a wonderful teacher but it gives him GREAT encouragement to hear how he has touched the lives of his students. Your story brought tears to our eyes...

Would you be willing to let me use it (withholding your name) in a blog in the future. The reason is that I have recently been thinking about how my personal influence is in my 3 boys, but if like David, they in turn touch lives like he has (his student count to date is 3300)I will be touching many more lives for Christ through them ...Please let me know. I think it would be an encouragment to moms who read my blog...

We are so proud of what you have done in your life! Your baby is beautiful (still can't believe God didn't let me have a girl! lol).

Thank you again, please keep in touch.

Love from Georgia,