Saturday, March 14, 2009

Favorite photo friday- THEN

I know it is Saturday, but I worked last night so I think I have an excuse for not posting the yesterday! The theme for Fav photo Friday is THEN

THEN- Averi Noe'l Yates April 21st 2008... a perfect tiny baby!

NOW- Averi Noe'l Yates, these were taken last Sunday, she will always be my perfect baby but I guess I have to admit she is growing up.... I can not believe she is almost 11 months old!


Melinda said...

She is so beautiful!! And I love her pretty!



They grow up so fast it's almost not fair! She's definitely a beautiful little girl :)

The Yates' said...

Thank you both!

hello jessi! said...

So cute! She looks pretty sassy in that pic.

The Murphys said...

She is getting so big!!! She looks more like you every time I see a pic :)
I love her facial expression in the last pic. Too cute!