Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weigh in...

when i started weight watchers my goal was to be at my wedding day weight (175), I knew it was a high goal... 7 months to lose 85 lbs. Ive worked hard, had ups and downs...killed myself and sometimes treated myself with a big bowl of ice cream when I was sick of yogurt and weight watchers fudge bars... and today the day came for my weigh in, I knew I hadnt hit my goal... I am 186.1. I am not upset AT ALL though. Since Ive been going to the gym so much I can comfortably fit into the jeans I was wearing on my wedding day and honestly I feel great. I So in right around seven months I have lost a total of 69.6lbs! I am delighted. I will keep working hard, I will remained focus, i will get to my goal, and I will keep the weight off!

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