Wednesday, July 20, 2011

39 weeks...

So at nearly 39 weeks pregnant I am officially miserable! It is so hot I can not cool off, I can barely pull any of my shirts over my enormous belly and I cant sleep! All is worth it tho when I feel this little guy kick or hear his precious heart beat! I am so very anxious about his delivery as we are getting close to his official induction date (the 29th)... I REALLY don't want an induction but the closer we get to the 29th the more it looks like that will be what happens.
I am praying what feels like constantly that God will calm my anxieties and that I will lean on him fully and trust him with both Reiters birth and birthday! Kevin has been so supportive and patient with me, he knows how badly I do not want to be induced and is so helpful in calming my anxieties, he is amazing and I am blessed! We have asked his mom to be in the delivery room this time and I am so excited to share the experience of our 1st sons birth with her...she is a calm and gentle supporter to both Kevin and I and I am so happy she will be in the room for Rei's birthday! I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow and after a week with a couple false alarms I am anxious to see if I have made any significant changes in the last week, plus tomorrow is the 21st and both girls were born on 21sts so it would be really cool to have Rei on the 21st as well!Please pray for us here, and mostly pray for Rei that he will be born strong and healthy, we are all excited to hold and love on him!

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Kelli said...

So excited for you, Rachel! Praying that the Lord's will be done in Reiter's birth and that you will be filled with a peace that only God can provide.