Monday, July 25, 2011

new rooms...

Decorating is something I love, I dont know that I am particularly GREAT at it but I certainly enjoy it! I do not however like to spend a lot of money on things, so I spend a lot of time on craigslist, at hobby lobby and making my own things! It takes a while for me to get a room just right but it is worth it if I am getting good deals!

Here is Reis room... the dresser was mine we just painted it, my Dad built the armoire for Averi when she was born, the crib was a clearance buy at walmart, I made the painting over his armoire and ALL THE BEDDING (including quilt, bumper,sheet, trash can, valence, bed skirt, pictures ect) was a craigslist buy for 70 bucks (woohoo) and the rocking chair was a gift from Kevs parents when we were expecting Averi. Kev and some buddies painted while I was out of town with the girls for the weekend, I just adore how it turned out!

Here are some pics of the girls room...
Some family members gave us a new mattress and box for Averi, we bought her head board at a scratch and dent place and thanks to help from my in laws we refinished it, the shelf was a gift, all the bedding including curtains was an ebay find for 50 bucks and all the wall hangings are 1/2 price hobby lobby finds! Once again Kev and friends painted it, I am in love!

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