Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Averi Noe'l

Kev and I have TOTALLY different tastes on names so when we picked Averi Noe'l (Noel is the feminine of my dads middle name) for our daughters name it was a final choice, no changing! After picking it we looked up the meaning and discovered according to one web site that Averi meant "elf" and Noel meant born on christmas... so our daughters name would mean and elf born on christams, funny as she was a spring baby NOT a christmas baby!
Well as much as I LOVE Averi's name I was not crazy for the meaning... So today I was looking up name meanings and found out that Averi does not only mean "elf" it means wise counselor... which makes sense since traditionally an elf was a wise counselor... so yea, Averi Noel's name not only relfects the day of Jesus' birth but it reflects our hopes that she will seek out wisdom from the Lord and be wise in the advice she gives!

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